Want to Know His Secret?

by in Blog Posts, Inspiration, & Motivation April 14, 2016
This is my friend, Todd.
I met Todd about 2 months ago.
The picture on the left was from November, when he moved to NC from New Jersey.
The picture on the right was at the end of March.
4 months. The difference is absolutely awesome! Wouldn’t you agree?

When I asked Todd what brought him to NC, this was his response:

“To make a better life for me and my wife, Deborah. She’s got Lupus so the warmer weather makes it a little easier to function. She’s been walking with me and eating right. She looks great. So we were hoping to make positive changes in our life coming down here…”

Want to know Todd’s secret? He chose to make a difference in his life. He committed to walking everyday and changing his eat habits. That’s it – walking and eating better. No, he didn’t commit to 2 hours in the gym each day. No, he didn’t start some crazy diet or “magic pill.” And no, he’s not counting calories or being a slave to the scale.
He is a hard worker. Once he makes up his mind to do something, he does it. He knows it won’t happen overnight but it is worth every step. He has injuries, struggles, uphill battles (as we all do) but he made up his mind; no more excuses.
“The support is what has helped me find my way…”
Todd just completed my 30 Day Spring Challenge and he may not know this, but as much as he says he needed the inspiration and accountability; I know the rest of the group would contest that they needed his inspiration and motivation just as much!!
See, Todd is one of the reasons that I love what I do!  It gets me out of bed in the morning to give the support; but 100 times over, I love seeing the transformation in people. Not only the physical; but even more so the mental and emotional shift that happens when my clients surround themselves with positive, healthy habits and positive and healthy people and realize their potential through choosing a healthier way of life. What they may not know is that THEY motivate ME!
A friend of mine shared this quote with me yesterday and I want to pass it on to you all…
“True motivation comes from within. No one can hand it to you, but no one can take it away either.”
Be well. Live well. Life’s most important investment is in you and your health. We are placed in this life to interact and love each other. Our family, friends, neighbors…A better YOU only means you can be better to those who surround you.