Wednesday, December 19

by in Inspiration, & Motivation December 17, 2012

We are Americans.

We are a diverse people from all walks of life. We are all shapes, sizes and colors. We encompass a plethora of personalities. We have varying morals and belief systems. Our faiths span broad horizons.  We communicate in countless ways; speaking hundreds of languages. We employ vast careers and our wellbeing is supported by endless pastimes.

We are so very different; yet, exactly the same.

We are Americans.

We have huge hearts. We are smart, sensitive, and loving. When others are in need, we are there. We are resilient. We come together. When our friends, family and neighbors hurt; we share that burden and in attempt to ease their pain. We are amazing. We are full of potential. We are strong.

We are Americans.

It is true that in the face of tragedy, our strength shines through with inflated intensity.  We have seen it over and over, especially in recent years with events that our country has faced; and certainly now with the horrific heartbreak in Newtown, CT.

pay it forwardHowever, this blog is about everyday strength and American spirit. This Wednesday, December 19th is “Pay It Forward Day.” It is just a “normal” Wednesday, but an opportunity for you to make it exceptional. It is your chance on a “normal” day, to do something special for a complete stranger. Buy coffee for the person behind you in line; make a donation; take a gift to someone never expecting it; open doors for everyone; buy a homeless person some food; smile; the person trying to cut in front of you in traffic – let them go…….there are so many opportunities to use your strength and possibly make someone’s day.

We are Americans – strong and proud. Merry Christmas to all!!