What is This Really?

by in Blog Posts, Food & Nutrition January 7, 2019


Organic plain Greek yogurt, organic mayo, lemon juice, cayenne pepper, mustard, honey, salt & pepper.


Soybean oil, high fructose corn syrup, distilled vinegar, water, dijon mustard, mustard seed, white wine, salt, citric acid, spices, honey, egg yolk, sugar, etc.

Well, at least there is MUSTARD and HONEY in there somewhere??!

Foods with labels list ingredients in order of quantity. Don’t you find it interesting that in a honey mustard dressing, the first two ingredients are soybean oil and high fructose corn syrup? These happen to be 2 of the main ingredients in any foods that I avoid!!

So why? Why not just make the product out of quality ingredients consisting of what the food says it is on the label? Because the food industry is a business and they want to mass produce products at a lower cost, that can sit on the shelf and not spoil, to make more money $$$$$$$. Truth: they just do not care about the health of people consuming their products. It’s greed that has the upper hand here. UNLESS we make a change.

It is up to us to care about what we are eating and feeding our families. To read the food labels. To take 5 more minutes to make the healthier version 🙂

Pay attention to your ingredients. Creamy honey mustard is a delicious dip/dressing that can easily be made at home and won’t sabotage your health while eating it.