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A Daily Dose Makes a Difference

by in Blog Posts, Wellness August 11, 2015

It is the SPICE OF LIFE that we all should be including in our diets daily. The health benefits are extensive, and even more so when this spice is paired with black pepper to enhance absorption. Add it to your eggs, potatoes, grilled or sautéed veggies, soups, salad dressings, pasta and rice dishes, quinoa, grilled chicken […]

Spice it Up!

by in Food & Nutrition May 1, 2013

Spices!  Do you add flavor to your food by experimenting with and using different kinds of spices and seasonings? Cinnamon, basil, cumin, garlic, paprika, sage, chili powder, turmeric, cloves, chili pepper flakes, ginger, parsley, oregano, dill, thyme…..countless options that are extremely healthy for you! Try cooking that old boring chicken breast in coconut oil with […]