About Lindsey

About Lindsey

Lindsey Fisher Health & Wellness was conceived in 2009, under its original name Fit Envy NC, by COO Lindsey Fisher.

Lindsey has built her business based on an exceptional knowledge of the human body systems, whole foods and integrated health solutions for her clients. Materializing on the foundation that a healthy mind, body, and spirit formulate a lifetime of vitality and success.

As a leader in the industry, she excels in a proactive approach to empowering her clients, authenticity, and effective communication. With a profound knowledge base and quality relationship development, her ability to connect with clients is esteemed.

Lindsey has a strong Chrisitan faith and is a devoted mom, wife, daughter, and friend.  She lives just north of Charlotte, NC with her husband, Jay, and two kids, Jordan and Kendall. She enjoys the outdoors, time with her family, deep conversations and connecting with community, the beach, date nights with her husband, quiet Sunday mornings, cooking and developing new recipes, spiritual devotion and growth, good wine & dark chocolate, and anything that brings a new challenge.

The Foundation

Lindsey holds a Bachelors degree and background in social work and psychology. Currently, she contracts part-time with a Charlotte based company as a diabetes and lifestyle disease educator.

She is certified in the following areas through the American Council on Exercise:

  • Personal Trainer
  • Food & Nutrition Consultant
  • Sports Nutrition Specialist

Additionally, Lindsey is a certified Biomechanics Method Corrective Exercise Specialist, focusing on injury prevention and ROM recovery.

Invest in You

Lindsey says that the most profound impact on her life is making time for prayer and beginning each day with gratitude and a positive mindset.

“Life’s most important investment is in you and your health.”
~ Lindsey Fisher

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