Healthy Tips to Stay on Track When Traveling

by in Blog Posts, Health, Lifestyle June 3, 2024

“I was traveling last week and it totally threw me off. I was doing

really well before that.”

“My schedule is crazy with travel and it makes it so hard to stay on


“I get caught just grabbing fast food when I am traveling.”

“Meetings all day and dinners late into the evening make it really hard

to eat healthy when I am traveling.”

Do any of these sound remotely familiar?

Truth. If you travel often for work, it is definitely more challenging to

stick to your eating plan that you have at home. More challenging, but

not impossible. It also makes a big difference in what foods to take

with you if you are traveling in a car or plane. There are many more

options if you travel by car and can access a cooler.

Aim for progress in your travel food choices, not perfection.

Before we dive into the detailed list of travel foods, here are a few tips

to be used as a guide so that you do not find yourself in the

fast food line day after day.

#1 – Hydration. It’s easy to become dehydrated while traveling,

which can often be mistaken for hunger, leading to unnecessary

snacking. Always take a reusable water bottle and drink water

regularly throughout the day. Daily hydration should be 1/2 your

body weight in ounces before exercise and more when you fly.

#2 – Preparation. Before leaving, research the area you are

traveling to and find healthy eating options. Look for restaurants

that offer nutritious meals, and check if your hotel or VRBO

provides facilities for preparing simple meals. Packing healthy

snacks can prevent reliance on unhealthy airport or convenience

store options. Instead of grabbing a candy bar, having a handful

of almonds can stabilize your energy levels and provide

essential nutrients.

#3 – Eating out. Making informed choices can significantly impact

your diet, daily function, sleep, and overall wellness. Opt for grilled

or baked proteins over fried ones, and always request dressings

and sauces on the side. These days many restaurants favor

guest requests, so don’t hesitate to ask for steamed vegetables

instead of fries. Choosing grilled fish and a salad with a

vinaigrette dressing on the side is much healthier than a

cheeseburger with fries.

#4 – Mindful eating. It is essential; travel or no travel. Take time to

enjoy your meals, even if your schedule is packed. Eating slowly

and awareness of your meals can improve digestion and help to

tell your brain when you’re full, reducing the likelihood of


#5 – Balance. It’s okay to indulge occasionally, but maintaining a

balance is essential for overall well-being. If you have client

dinners scheduled, enjoy the dinner but opt for a lighter lunch

with plenty of vegetables. Planning your meals around your

activities can help keep your nutrition on point.

These are a few items I always have on hand when I am traveling:

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