A Season of Gratitude

by in Blog Posts, Lifestyle November 15, 2020

Repost. **Originally posted in 2013**

2020. Are you feeling like you need to dig a little deeper to stay focused on gratitude these days? Me too.

Hopefully, we are all spending some extra time to remain in thoughts of gratitude and thanksgiving, especially with all of the negativity in our world right now. Time to allow us all to take some deep breaths and enjoy the time of Thanksgiving; not speeding straight from Halloween to Christmas.

Although, I will tell you that my Christmas decorations and tree are going up a little earlier this year than in years past. Bring on the JOY, but don’t forget the gratitude…

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I LOVE the holidays and Thanksgiving is my favorite. Filled with precious memories that we add to every year. And thank you, Governor Roy Cooper, but you will not dictate how my Thanksgiving will be spent with my family.

My childhood memories are vivid; waking on Thanksgiving morning to the savory smell of a fat, stuffed turkey in the oven. Family members taking over every room of the house. Stumbling sleepily down the hardwood stairs to sounds of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade emitting from the TV. Mom and Dad were always dressed for the occasion. Mom’s long dirty blonde hair blanketed her shoulders and a seasoned apron covered her ankle-length skirt as she prepared the most amazing meal. Holiday buzz filled the air with family in and out; helping in the kitchen, playing outside, talking, laughing, and watching TV.

Traditionally, the dining room table was set the night before with mom’s china in preparation for the exquisitely anticipated meal.  We dined like kings and queens on Thanksgiving; from hor d’oeuvres to assorted desserts.

I embraced being in charge of making the homemade whipped cream. A family tradition now passed down from my grandmother. Mom taught me when I was about 7 years old how to make the perfect whipped cream, with exactly the right amount of vanilla and sugar. For years to come, it was a job that I continued to proudly accept every year. A simple task, but necessary for the day to be complete. (Note: once you make your own whipped cream, you will NEVER have sore bought again).  

Our Thanksgiving meal would always be around 3:00; and if it was delayed, my brothers and I would protest. We wanted to have time to hit the kitchen later that evening for round #2 –  leftover turkey and cranberry sandwiches!

My memories are wonderful and I want my kids to experience the same. This year I will teach Kendall how to make that whipped cream to perfection 🙂 We celebrate old traditions and have begun our own. Our family started off the season making a Fisher Family gratitude box. Kendall spent time painting and decorating our (shoe) box, and we explained to the kids how it would work. Anytime we feel gratitude or thankful for anything,  we will write it on a piece of paper and put it in the box. On Christmas Eve we will open the box under the tree and share what is inside on those pieces of paper.

Even this season and year filled with much frustration, I am still thankful for so much in my life. I am counting down the days until Thanksgiving and while we will be missing some this year, I am so fortunate that at least the rest of us will be able to be together.

What are you grateful for this season?

Peace and blessings to you all,

  1. Love this! Don’t think you need to remind anyone it’s a repost as it’s new to many of us!

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