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When your trainers send out a blog with on-point fitness tips…and share your business info too. 🙂 Because we are all in the business & just want to give people the tools to life their healthiest, best life!!

Do you feel like your progress in the gym has slowed? 
I want to talk to you about the principle of PROGRESSIVE OVERLOAD and how it could help you reach your goals! 
How much do you think about the weights you’re lifting? I see it happen a lot. We begin a set of goblet-squats and I ask a client why they are lifting the 25lb dumbbell. I often get an answer like “because it was the closest one” or “because I always lift this weight”.
These answers are KILLING your progress!!

The body (your muscles) respond to struggle! And if you squat with 25lbs every week, your body knows it can handle it, and therefore will not ADAPT.
And I know the answer will be “But I can’t do the 30 for a minute!” That’s fine!
My advice you be to START your set with 30lbs and push to failure, then quickly grab the 25 and squeeze out a few more good reps to FINISH THE SET!!

This is the statement that drives all trainers CRAZY! Do you know how many potatoes Arnold had to eat to get those shoulders?
Don’t worry about putting on 20lbs of muscle overnight, because it just doesn’t work like that. (And if this does happen, call me. I want to know how you did it!)

Lindsey Fisher is a long-time client of the gym, she also happens to be a Food & Nutrition Consultant. You can catch Lindsey most mornings, crushing the 5:30 am camp with her friends! Click the link below to read her blog post I selected about “PROTEIN BARS”.
It’s important we don’t get fooled by crafty packaging/marketing. Lindsey is great when it comes to the Do’s & Don’ts of the grocery store!

  1. I am a mother and this helped me!

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