Painted Toes in Abaco…

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They were overjoyed with spending a Saturday afternoon just painting their toes. No phones. No distractions. No TVs.

This day was a “Day for the Girls” at a little church across the street from The Mudd – a tent neighborhood, home to about 3000 Haitian refugees. The day was supposed to end at 3 pm but lasted until almost 5. None of us were ready for the party to end. These girls of all ages were overjoyed for us to be with them, singing, dancing, and painting toenails.

As I sat and painted my toenails this afternoon (yes, I do my own pedicures, unless it is a special occasion) my thoughts wandered directly to this moment…

Happy Painted Toes
Bahamas Youth Mission

Along with so many other memories and moments of the five days spent here in Marsh Harbour, with these people. Five days last October that changed our lives for the better. Impacted us all in more ways than I can put into words.

Every hour of every day since Hurricane Dorain devastated Marsh Harbour, I have cried. I have prayed. I have shared stories and prayed some more. I feel helpless and heartbroken.

It was just a year ago that we fell in love with these people, this place, and the mission to serve here. Kendall and I prayed to have the opportunity to return and to take Jay and Jordan with us. While we now realize that it will take years to rebuild and will never be again exactly how we remember it. But, the spirit of the Bahamians is strong. Their will and cohesiveness are stronger. They will rebuild. Those who remain will rebuild, but they do need all of the help they can get.

For those friends of ours who were swept away in the storm, for the people of The Mudd and The Peas and of Marsh Harbour who did not survive – Rest in Peace. You forever impacted our lives. We continue to pray and will never forget.

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  1. Heart moving story Lindsey! Thank you for sharing, you have touched my heart. I will too pray for those in Marsh Harbour.

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