Optimum physical fitness is often defined as the condition you achieve from a lifestyle that includes cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, muscular strength and maintenance of an ideal body weight.  Simply defined, you must include each of these areas in your fitness programs.

* Cardiovascular endurance (aerobic fitness) is the ability of your heart and lungs to do their job!  To deliver oxygen to exercising muscles  – without gasping for air.  Endurance allows you to play tennis or get out and play basketball with your kids.

* Flexibility (range of motion) is the amount of movement that can be accomplished at  a joint. Range of motion keeps you young, reduces injury risk and improves performance. A lengthened muscle is potentially a stronger one.

* Muscular strength (strength training) is the maximum amount of force  a single muscle or muscle group can develop during a single contraction.  Despite what many women think – they need to lift weights!  Plain and simple – muscle burns fat and increases metabolism. Physical stress determines bone strength as well as muscular strength – greatly reducing the risk for osteoporosis.

* Healthy body weight.  Well, we all imagine what our ideal weight is; but in reality healthy body weight consists of fat and fat-free weight (bones, muscles, organs).  More importantly, body fat percentages for fit women should be about 21-24% and for men, about 14-17%.

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