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Sports, Snacks & Success

by in Blog Posts, Kids Health April 17, 2015

Parents…how many of you have a child involved in a sporting event this weekend? Baseball, gymnastics, dance, soccer, lacrosse, running, swimming/diving… If you are interested in an article on what your child should NOT be eating before sports, click here. More importantly, I wanted to touch on some food items that are BENEFICIAL to your young athlete #1 – […]

Busy people, easy meal….

by in Food & Nutrition September 24, 2012

Everyone’s schedules are crazy busy at the time of year – work, school & school activities, exercise, kids sports, meetings, volunteering, kids homework, other family obligations, brownie meetings, church events, dancing at a Zumba event for 3 hours straight to raise money for breast cancer…..you name it, we are all doing it! So, in order to feed […]