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GF for 7 days! Join us….

by in Food & Nutrition, Wellness May 1, 2014

In 2012, we hosted a Sugar-Less challenge. In 2013, it was a Clean Eating Challenge. 2014 is bringing on a Gluten-Free Challenge. We have had over 90 people participate in these challenges in the past and hope that even more will join us for this one! Are you ready?? We want this week to be […]

GMO what?!?!

by in Food & Nutrition April 3, 2014

  GMO: Genetically Modified Organism Do you know what it really means when it comes to the foods that we are all consuming??  GMOs are a complicated topic; but I will touch on the basics in this blog. These days it is almost virtually impossible to stay away from GMOs 100%; and it certainly doesn’t […]

Mt. Dew at 9am?!

by in Food & Nutrition September 18, 2012

Just this morning, after a visit to the dentist and dropping the kids at school, I made a quick run to Walmart for a few anomalous items.  It was about 9:15am. Checking out with my cork board, dental floss and bananas in the express line, I could not help but notice the man being rung up […]