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by in Blog Posts, Wellness February 22, 2015

Yes!  Anything in life worth living for, being a part of, having success with, enjoying is HARD WORK. If it were easy, EVERYONE would have IT. We work hard to get good grades. To become better readers. To excel in sports. To get into college. To perfect our resumes. To write the perfect paper. To […]

Sunday Breakfast

by in Food & Nutrition December 10, 2012

Is it just me, or is Sunday the perfect morning for hot coffee and pancakes? Growing up, my dad always made pancakes on Sunday morning. The sweet smell of syrup would fill the warm kitchen as we would wait anxiously for the “first round,” hot off the griddle. Sunday mornings in our house, especially in the fall […]

Boat Food?

by in Beachbody, Food & Nutrition June 25, 2012

A sunny afternoon, the sky dotted with diverse cumulus clouds, temperatures in the mid 80’s, bathing suits on, drinks in red solo cups, and the laughter and splashing sounds of kids paints the perfect backdrop for a summer Sunday on Lake Norman. This weekend we spent the better part of Sunday soaking up the sun and lounging around on Lake Norman with good […]