Don’t Be Fooled!

by in Blog Posts, Food & Nutrition August 15, 2019

By food items labeled with “healthy” eye-catching words like protein and gluten-free.

When in reality these franken-foods are loaded with junk.
**This bar does actually contain some peanuts & almonds.**

But in reality, here is what is in this “healthy” snack…

Sugars, preservatives, refined oil and fillers…
NONE of which is good for you.

Point being, read your labels. And if you have questions, ask someone.


Let’s set up a one-on-one, a group seminar or lunch and learn.

The food industry is a business and the information given to us is misleading and confusing.
The GOOD NEWS is that you can beat them in their game by educating yourself on what you are putting in your mouth and what you are feeding your families.

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Happy Thursday 🙂