Giving IS Receiving

by in Blog Posts, Inspiration, & Motivation, Spiritual November 3, 2020

Originally posted in March 2016. Rewriting and #reposting

There are not many things that bring more joy into my life than giving to someone else. How can I serve the people around me who I care about and love dearly? How can I serve those in my community? How can I serve this stranger who may need some extra love today?

After all, isn’t that what we are here on earth to do? Give and share life. 

This life is not just about us and what we can receive – but about others and what we can give. What we can do for other people. Giving to others is a sign of living with the intention to share the word of God.

Whether you are a Christian, spiritual explorer, skeptic, or believe that there is a higher power but are uncertain of what it is…framing your days with a giving mindset IS the way to live. Love Is Patient Pictures, Photos, and Images for Facebook, Tumblr,  Pinterest, and Twitter

We hear these words and teach our children:
“Christmas is not about receiving, but giving”
pay it forward
“do unto others…”
“the more love you give, the more you receive”
“giving comes back 10x more in return”

Giving comes from the heart; a true sign of love among human beings.  I live each day to “give” to my circle – my husband, my kids, my parents, brothers and sisters, my family, and friends. Not only because it makes ME feel good, but because THEY deserve it. They deserve that love and if I can be a part of making them feel more loved, I am better for it.

It can be giving something as simple as a good meal, or words of encouragement, prayer, a note, an ear to listen, a gift….or it could be much more.  Regardless of WHAT we give, giving comes from the soul.

This January, my mom turned 70. Leading up to that eventful day, my siblings and I talked and decided that we wanted to give her a memory. We wanted to give her something that every time she thought about it, she would smile and laugh. We wanted to give her love in a way that she hadn’t experienced before. After all, she deserved it.  To the best of her ability, she has always been there for us, taken care of us,  and loved us…even in my teen years when I wasn’t very lovable!

So, the planning began and we spent almost 10 months meticulously designing a weekend filled with surprises, friends, family, and laughter.

It was a full weekend of one surprise after another; all of them falling into place without a hitch. I would definitely say that Mom had more than a memorable weekend. We all laughed and ate and drank too much. We got to see old friends and family we hadn’t seen in years; some in decades. But the best part of the entire weekend was being able to GIVE this to her.


We loved every part of giving this memory to you, Mom. AND you are 70 all year, so keep celebrating!!