Heart Healthy Valentine

by in Blog Posts, Lifestyle February 12, 2017

It’s Valentine’s week <3 Love yourself and the people around you!
Valentine’s Day/Week in our house is a celebration for all four of us. Whether you celebrate with your family or significant other, out to dinner or spend a quiet night at home, here are some healthy ways to make the most of this week.

  • Indulge in homemade heart-healthy desserts, such as fresh fruit dipped in dark chocolate or this chocolate peanut butter dip, that contains heart healthy antioxidants.
  • Make healthy substitutions when baking; including using whole-wheat or almond flour, replacing oil with apple sauce, using coconut oil instead of butter, reducing the sugar in a recipe by 1/3.
  • Grow your huge heart and practice gratitude. Think about all of the things that you love about the person or people you are sharing time with this week. Write them a note or send a text telling them…
  • Keep your portion sizes in check!  You can enjoy some treats on Valentine’s Day, but keep those portions in check or even better, split a meal with your loved one <3
  • Put the phones down and step away from the TV. Get out and go for a 30 minute walk together.