High-fives, hugs, and Happy Easter

by in Blog Posts, Spiritual April 12, 2020

YES! That pretty much sums up my thoughts for the day.

This Easter has been different than previous years in so many ways. Most of them positive as I feel filled with love and the Holy Spirit today; at the same time longing to hug my family, friends and share high-fives with my girls.

The sense of peace, love, and grace that consumes our house is tangible today. The day started for me with Maya and a 5-mile run, followed by church streamed online as we all gathered in the kitchen, Easter baskets and an indoor egg hunt, brunch, and painting.

Jordan and Kendall are 17 and 15. It has been quite a few years since we have done an egg hunt. “We haven’t done this much Easter stuff in years…this is fun,” says Kendall. “Yea, the Easter bunny and I had a talk this year,” I said. Just one example of how this pause in life has opened the door for many blessings.

An Easter Sunday that we will never forget. An Easter Sunday that we never imagined. An Easter Sunday filled with new memories. An Easter Sunday giving us the opportunity to embrace and BE in the moment.

My heart is full, as I hope yours is today as well…but I cannot wait for days ahead for those hugs and high-fives <3

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