My Top 20 at Trader Joe’s

by in Blog Posts, Food & Nutrition May 19, 2019

TJ’s disclaimers:

  • I am a HUGE Trader Joe’s fan!!  But just like all other grocery stores that I shop at, I cannot get everything I need there. In fact, Trader Joe’s is more of the “icing on the cake” grocery store. It is not a place that I buy meals, but where I get snacks and additions to meals.
  • I go to Trader Joe’s probably ONCE every six weeks to stock up. It is about 30 minutes from the house. If there was one closer, I would go much more often.
  • Contrary to popular belief, just because it comes from Trader Joe’s does not mean it is healthy!
    (Side note: this same rule applies for Earth Fare and Whole Foods too)
  • I have found that while I have been shopping at Trader Joe’s for YEARS, their prices have increased but are still very reasonable.
  • I typically do not buy produce at Trader Joe’s. Prices are not fantastic and you REALLY need to watch expiration dates.


  • CARDS. For all occasions and they are only $.99 – compared to $5.99 at Target FOR A CARD?!?!!  Trader Joe’s for the WIN!
  • DIPS. Specifically hummus, the vegan cashew pesto, and avocado tzatziki dip. Technically that is 3 items, but we will call it one.
  • RIDGE CUT POTATO CHIPS. 3 ingredients. Potatoes, sunflower oil, sea salt. My kids and hubby love them.
  • SUN-DRIED TOMATOES. In a bag, not in oil. Absolutely delicious and full of flavor. Add to salads, side dishes, on top of eggs, etc. This is also what I use in my sweet potato salad.
  • BRUCHETTA. In the jar. Minimal ingredients and again, full of flavor. Serve with your cheese and cracker plate at happy hour or on top of your omelet with some goat cheese.
  • DILL PICKLES. My daughter LOVES pickles. Most pickles in the stores (you can find some good ones at local farmers markets) have added food dyes and preservatives. TJs pickles do not and use turmeric for coloring.
  • CONDIMENTS. Again, technically 3 items but organic ketchup, whole grain and dijon mustards, and organic mayo. Minimal ingredients and all ones you can pronounce.
  • GOLDEN ROUNDS CRACKERS. My people love Ritz crackers. Ritz are full of junk ingredients including hydrogenated oils and HFCS.  These crackers taste the same and are a much better choice if you are going to eat crackers.
  • EGGPLANT GARLIC SPREAD. Again, another delicious addition. I usually serve this with raw veggies.
  • COCONUT SUGAR. Good price. While all sugar is metabolized the same in the body, coconut sugar brings a rich panel of nutrients to the table.
  • TACO SHELLS. You would be surprised at the laundry list of preservatives and ingredients in a taco shell. With taco night being a staple in our house, quality shells are necessary. 3 ingredients: organic corn flour, sunflower oil, and lime.
  • COFFEES AND TEAS. Specifically Organic Ginger Turmeric Herbal Tea. Great for digestion and fighting inflammation in the body.
  • HIMALAYAN PINK SALT. You can find this anywhere now but this one comes in its own grinder and the pink salt is a good source of essential trace minerals.
  • EVERYTHING BUT THE BAGEL SEASONING. Delicious. On everything.
  • CRYSTALIZED GINGER. Again, ginger is great for digestion. This comes in a bag full of sweet chunks of ginger root. I keep them on hand for any time we have an upset stomach or stomach pain. Eat 2 hunks of ginger and 99% of the time, stomach issues are gone. A much better choice than Tums.
  • FREEZER WAFFLES. These come in whole grain and gluten-free. Nutritionally, it is virtually impossible to find a healthy freezer waffle in my opinion. But, throw some nut butter or Greek yogurt and berries on top and you have a super quick, balanced breakfast for the kids before they run out the door to school.
  • SARDINES. Yep, little fish. Nutritional powerhouses, loaded with protein and an excellent source of omega 3s.  Perfect to throw on top of a salad with some lemon juice and fresh cracked pepper.
  • FROZEN CAULIFLOWER GNOCCHI. When I just feel like that pasta fix. Delicious sauteed in coconut oil,  topped with Rao’s sauce or the vegan cashew pesto.
  • TJ’s COCONUT AMINOS. 99% of soybeans in the US are GMO and also recognized hormone disruptors in the body. I personally stay away from all soy products (start looking because it is in EVERYTHING) and this is the perfect, healthy substitution to soy sauce.
  • FLOWERS AND PLANTS. Their selection is gorgeous and they tend to last a while. Studies have proven that having fresh flowers and plants in the house improves air quality and mood. If my trip timing to Trader Joe’s is right, I also like to have them in my guest room when family and friends come to visit.

  1. Kelly Greffin May 20, 2019 at 9:45 pm

    Loving this list! Going to put in my car for the next trip to TJ’s!

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