Fish in the Sea

by in Food & Nutrition March 17, 2021

“I love fish; but I don’t make it because I have no idea how.”

I hear this way too often from people who enjoy eating fish, but say that they only eat it when they go out to a restaurant because they are afraid to make it at home. Well, I am here to tell you that…it is not that hard!
If you can cook a steak, you can cook fish.  If you can’t cook a steak, then learn how to cook fish 🙂 There are numerous ways to make it, so many delicious flavors, and so many fish in the sea to enjoy!

Grilled Fish With Tropical Relish - Dr. Weil's Healthy Kitchen

Since this seems to be a hot topic and it is summer time (the perfect time to grill fish), I felt certain that a simple list of  “fish rules” would possibly help some of the wanna-be fish chefs out there….

  •  #1 – Do not over cook it.  If you do, it may resemble chewing on a piece of rubber instead of melting like butter in your mouth.
  •  #2 – Fish should not smell fishy. If it smells fishy, then it is old.  That means do not buy it and definitely don’t eat it.
  • #3 – You want to enjoy the fish itself – there is no need to marinate it in sauces or dressings. Additionally, fish is low-fat, full of protein and very good for you.  You do not need to add a bunch of stuff to it to make it fattening.  *I have found the best way to cook many varieties of fish is simply by adding sea salt, pepper, fresh herbs and a little olive oil.*
  • #4 – If you have a thicker fish (ie – mahi or salmon) grilling is the best way to cook it.  The grill should be very hot before you put the fish on. Fish should also be room temperature before you put it on the grill – do not take it straight out of the fridge and throw it on the grill.
  • #5 – The most accurate rule to follow when cooking fish is 10 minutes per inch of thickness. You can also test to see if it is done with a fork. Poke the fork into the middle of the fish and twist it; the fish should “flake” off.

Here are a couple of my favorite, easy and healthy fish recipes:

Mahi-Mahi: Coat the fish with olive oil, S&P, lime juice and fresh cilantro.  Let it sit for @ 20 mins to come up to room temperature before grilling.  Grill according to thickness.

Shrimp: Use at least 21-30 count.  De-vein and peel shrimp and rinse.  Toss with S&P, paprika, red pepper flakes, 2 cloves fresh garlic, olive oil.  Let it marinate for about 30 mins.  Grill or sauté in sauce pan until the shrimp is an opaque pink color (about 3 mins per side).  Serve with rice, grits, or on top of salad greens.

Salmon:  Coat fish with olive oil, old bay, dill, S&P, fresh lemon juice. Let it sit for @ 20 mins to come up to room temperature before grilling.  Grill according to thickness.


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